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  • Cruise Ended After Outbreak of Illness

    Cruise Ended After Outbreak of Illness

    KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) — The Royal Caribbean cruise line on Sunday ended a ship’s 10-day trip in the Caribbean early after hundreds of passengers and crew members were sickened with a gastrointestinal illness. The Miami-based company made the announcement a few hours after officials from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention boarded the

  • Mosquito-Borne Virus Spreading Throughout

    Mosquito-Borne Virus Spreading Throughout

    KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) — A mosquito-borne virus appears to be spreading quickly in the Caribbean during the winter tourism season just weeks after epidemiologists first found local transmission occurring in the French dependency of St. Martin. Scientists said Tuesday that St. Martin now has as many as 200 cases of chikungunya, a virus found mainly